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Ceramic veneers teeth are thin porcelain shields that cover only the front surface of the teeth. Since the preparation /grinding of enamel for the ceramic veneers involve only the front surface, it represents the better alternative to the full coverage crowns. They are usually indicated for the correction of stained, chipped, malformed, unaesthetic teeth, and closure of small spaces between the front teeth. However, the choice between the ceramic veneers dental treatment and full coverage crowns will be determined by the clinician/doctor after completing the clinical evaluation.

The procedure for the ceramic veneers teeth usually involves three visits in a span of five days . Impression/imprints of the teeth will be made during the first visit, following which the veneers dental clinic technician designs the final form of the veneers on the plaster models with tooth colored wax material. During the second visit, waxed up model can be used for the discussion with the patient regarding the final contours of the ceramic veneers to be made. During the same visit, minimal preparation of the enamel and impressions can be made for the fabrication of final ceramic veneers. Fixing of the final ceramic veneers can be completed in the third visit.

Although veneers can function like natural teeth, precautions should be followed. Biting directly into hard food or non-food objects can lead to chipping and breakage. Veneers can usually last 10-15 years. However, cleaning and regular follow-ups are necessary.